The Invisible Woman 1940
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Not everyone is motivated by money; Kitty Carroll, after one too many hard days in the garment district, was motivated by revenge. An appointment was made, and Kitty reported to the Professor's laboratory.

In the laboratoryAt first, the grizzled old scientist was concerned about the, er, personal details: "I expected a man," he finally said gruffly, "but you'll do." Of course, this being 1940, his housekeeper, Mrs Jackson, was pressed into temporary (and reluctant) service as chaperone, while Kitty disrobed behind a screen and the Professor administered some mysterious injection. Then an apparatus worthy of Dr Frankenstein was cranked up, and gradually the shadow of a woman faded into an empty space.

"She's gone!" The experiment was a success, and the Professor set off to inform Richard — but Kitty had better things to do. Muttering something about "Growley", she took off for points unknown. The Professor came back with Richard, but his Invisible Woman had, er, disappeared.

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