The Invisible Woman 1940
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Threatening the bossBack at the workplace, the invisible Kitty followed through on her plan, frightening snooty buyers and, more important, scaring the meanness out of management. Mr. Growley would never be the same again, and Kitty's fellow models would never know just how this change of heart came to pass.

Richard, mostly prodded by his manservant George, decided that the Professor had finally gone mad. Meanwhile, more sinister figures had seen the Professor's advertisement. The notorious Blackie, out of reach of the law, dispatched his henchpersons to find the Professor and swipe his process, so he could return home unnoticed. The thugs and Kitty arrived at the laboratory at the same time, and when the slickest of the thugs, a fellow named "Foghorn", posed as a "fellow scientist" to win the Professor's confidence, Kitty was happy to expose the fraud. Shortly thereafter, Kitty finally returned to visibility, and the Professor implored her to undergo the process one more time, so as to persuade Richard that it really worked. Not that Richard was going to wait around to be persuaded; he decided to go on an impromptu fishing trip rather than listen to the Professor again.

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