The Invisible Woman 1940
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The next day, Kitty was still invisible, and the Professor, unable to explain why, suggested they return to the lab, where they discovered Mrs Jackson stuck in a closet and the invisibility apparatus stolen. The Professor found the situation somewhat amusing: they hadn't taken the injectable reagent, so the thieves couldn't possibly get it to work. Kitty, however, was disconsolate, and Richard was getting more anxious to see the rest of the poor girl. What had been keeping her invisible all this time? The Professor theorized that it was the effects of all the drinks at the lodge; he gave her a shot to counteract the booze, a new dress in which to make an appearance, and some words of warning: "No alcohol of any kind. When you dissipate, you disappear."

Blackie and friendsAnd that might have been the end of it, except for a minor problem at Blackie's compound in Mexico. Foghorn (remember him?) underwent the treatment as a test, and wound up not only still visible, but with a quavering falsetto instead of his usual basso profundo. Blackie, reasoning that the machine by itself wasn't enough to make him invisible, ordered that the Professor be brought to him at once. Thugs were dispatched, and the Professor and Kitty were abducted.

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