The Invisible Woman 1940
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Meanwhile, chez Russell, George reluctantly opened the door, and a vaguely-familiar figure stepped through. "I can tell you where they took the girl and the Professor." It was the newly-vengeful (and still mezzo-soprano) Foghorn, blowing the whistle on his old boss. And the three of them headed down to Mexico to rescue the captives.

At Blackie's hideaway, the Professor, having declined to cooperate, was tied to a chair, which didn't keep him from deluging Blackie with some pseudo-psychological analysis of his criminal career, when Kitty happened upon a bottle labeled "Pure Grain Alcohol", and took a swig. "That stuff will melt your bridgework!" exclaimed one of the thugs. Impossible, said Kitty, she didn't have any bridgework, and kept on drinking, and sure enough, she vanished. After drinking

Ducking behind the Professor's apparatus to get out of her dress (thank you, Hays Office), Kitty, emboldened by her invisibility and just slightly tipsy to boot, wrought unseen havoc on Blackie's gang, subduing them while they stared in disbelief. Things were very much under control when the rescue party arrived, but Kitty was having so much fun she decided to fight them too — "If he wants me, let him fight for me!"

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