The Invisible Woman 1940
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Together foreverAnd so finally, it was Foghorn, with voice and vengeance both in fine fettle, who dispatched Blackie, but what Richard wanted to know, of course, was what happened to Kitty? The cry came from the balcony: "No, no, anything but that!" Then suddenly, a loud SPLASH! in the pool, and Richard dived in to rescue her from what surely must have been a fate worse than death, and everyone knew it was True Love.

Jump ahead at least a year or so. Richard and Kitty's baby is on the changing table, and everyone, even the Professor, is ooh-ing and aah-ing, when suddenly the baby fades away into nothingness. Perplexity rules, until the Professor spies a bottle on the side of the table: rubbing alcohol. "Hereditary," he pronounces, and our story is ended — for now.