The Invisible Woman 1940
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Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Kitty Carroll. While today, we revere models the way we revere pop stars or actresses, it wasn't always so. In Kitty's day, models were nothing more than store fixtures. And while she dreamed of adventure, her days were full of drudgery.

Not so far away was the laboratory of Professor Gibbs. Although he would never say so, the Professor had fallen upon hard times; his primary financial backer, self-described man-about-town Richard Russell, had run into some difficulties of his own — too much attention to the ladies, said the gossips. So the Professor was desperate to come up with an invention that would save Mr Russell's crumbling empire and, not incidentally, earn a page in the history books for himself.

Newspaper adIn fact, he had an invention in mind, but first, he needed an experimental subject, and he duly placed a classified ad in a local newspaper. For the Professor, this was his last chance to make good; for Kitty Carroll, it was her first chance to get even.

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