The Invisible Woman 1940
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The Invisible Woman Shrine is the product of a few minds, a lot of hours, and many thousands of daydreams.

Executive Producer: the late Dennard Summers, who originally planned the Shrine as an adjunct to the growing Femmes Invisible site.

Director of Photography: Mike B., who pored through hours of video to obtain dozens and dozens of screen shots, and who reviewed their usage herein.

Production Designer: Charles G. Hill, who ground out the HTML code, and who devised the story segments.

Our thanks to the members of the Hole in the Air Gang, who have supported Web interest in the Invisible Woman for many years.

Special thanks to John Fulton, creator of the special effects for the 1940 film, and to Dean Cundey, director of photography for the 1983 film. We couldn't have done this without you.

Any original material, design or content produced for this site is copyright © 2001-2006 by Femmes Invisible.

Text, photography, and related materials from The Invisible Woman are copyright © 1940 (renewed 1968) by Universal Pictures.

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